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Where Grace Abounds!

About Ashley

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The Preacher 

The Mother

The Intercessor

Minister Ashley is a women of god who is actively involved in her ministry and community. She functions by the spirit of God through the gift of intercession to execute the mandate of  winning souls for Christ. A student of the word and a preacher of holiness, Ashley is renowned for, her passion, anointing, and humility. God has gifted Ashley to see, hear and speak into the spirit realm- to shift and to confirm. Ashley has never shied away from her calling of delivering messages of healing, faith, and hope. She has graced churches, and organization of all sizes and note. At a young age, Ashley was officially ordained as a minister at Faith Landmark Ministries in Richmond Virginia. From there, her ministry soared to higher heights. At the age of 23, Ashley is a voice for her generation. Ashley is the founder of the Postured To prevail dance program which teaches young ladies the concept of worship and how to implement it in their daily life through praise dancing. Beyond the preaching platform, Ashley takes interest in human anatomy, playing the cello. Though her interest is overshadowed by her spiritual gift, Ashley intends to show the nation there is much more to her story by the grace of God 

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