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In Person & Virtual Classes

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Do you have a desire to...

  • Understand your call to dance for Christ?

  • Learn in-depth concepts so your choreography will minister most effectively?

  • Enjoy close-knit fellowship and support from peers and ministry leaders?

  • Learn how to touch the heart of Christ?

  • Learn how to minister the Father’s heart to set captives free?                                                                Then this program is for you!


  1. To equip young women to offer their whole bodies to God through dance and movement as worship and ministry.

  2. To lead a prayerful dance ministry in the church and community which tells God’s stories through dance and movement.

  3. To invite Jesus’ presence and work in people’s lives.


To develop a generation of spiritual leaders that will not be intimidated by the pressures of life, but will apply the power of worship to their daily life.

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Postured To Prevail 
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